Line terminator - possible to set default?

  • Scorpyn

    Scorpyn - 2007-04-21


    First of all, thanks for a great program :)

    Anyway, on to my issue :

    I'm currently using it in a Windows environment, but I want UNIX style line terminators. I know how to set it for each document, but is it possible to set it as default for all new documents somewhere? (If there is then I apologize, I have searched but I couldn't find it.)

    It would also be nice to be able to set default character encoding the same way :)

    • Robert Futrell

      Robert Futrell - 2007-04-22

      You can set the default file encoding via Tools -> Options -> General, under the "New Files" options, but you cannot set the default line terminator.  I'll add a feature request for it and hopefully add it in the next release or two.

    • Scorpyn

      Scorpyn - 2007-04-22

      hmm... ah, you're right (although mine says Edit, not Tools).

      I'll be looking forward to that release :)


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