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Kernel and RTAI developer patches available

Kernel and RTAI patches are available for some time now for linux and RTAI 3.8. The patches are developer versions. They serve as a starting point for interested people who want to contribute to this project.

Posted by tko79 2012-03-15

Root File System is running

The Root File System generated with the console-base-image recipe (OE) is running now. So we have a base setup including running cross-tools, kernel and rfs.

Posted by tko79 2009-12-09

Kernel is running

Linux Kernel 2.6.29 compiled with OpenEmbedded build framework is running on the Beagle! It's patched with patches provided by OpenEmbedded. No other patches yet!

Posted by tko79 2009-12-08

Using OpenEmbedded on BeagleBoard

OpenEmbedded is used to build our cross-compile environment on BeagleBoard. This is our base system to develop an RTAI patch for ARM Cortex-A8.

Posted by tko79 2009-12-08