how does this work?

  • Josiah Ritchie

    Josiah Ritchie - 2003-03-19

    I'm really looking for a good ticker rss aggregator for linux.  This might be it, but I can't get it to install.  My error is below:

    Buildfile: build.xml


        [javac] Compiling 8 source files to /home/jritchie/Downloads/rssview/build
        [javac] /home/jritchie/Downloads/rssview/src/de/cinek/rssview/ cannot resolve symbol
        [javac] symbol  : method replaceAll  (java.lang.String,java.lang.String)
        [javac] location: class java.lang.String
        [javac]             v.add(st.nextToken().replaceAll
        [javac]                                   ^
        [javac] 1 error

    file:/home/jritchie/Downloads/rssview/build.xml:24: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

    Total time: 7 seconds

    I have blackdown-java.  Will this not work with that version?  Or is it just an ant configuration problem?

    • Cinek

      Cinek - 2003-03-19

      I have to excuse me for this part which caused incompatibility to JDK 1.3. I will release a new version soon (after some more tests), which fixes the problem.

      The compatibility fix is already in the CVS-repository, with many improvements. Please take a look at it.

    • H. Eismark

      H. Eismark - 2004-07-03

      Using 1.2.0 I only had to run rssviewer to start the application after unpacking. No compiling needed. I'm not using a developer version.

    • H. Eismark

      H. Eismark - 2004-07-08

      But still disappointing it's not saving the rss feed selections...


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