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RSS-> FidoNet rss2fido

The program is designed to track new communications RSS
and facilities specially formed communications FidoNet.
Advantages over other programs and scripts :
1) custom template future communications;
2) Support for multiple code pages;
3) Four of the program :
a) without parameters,
b) showing only addresses RSS,
c) indicating the most from the command line using keys
(for details see rss2fido -- help),
g) Working with configuration file
(which is the key -c path_config_file).
4) fast programme by processing data in RAM;
5) customizable language file, which allows you to :
a) support many languages;
b) use macros to customize colors, appearance, launching applications,
correct file stories, and more.
6) custom config file allows you to :
a) ask unlimited volume targets for the initial communication;
b) has many options.
7) template file you can record a message in the original file,
as you have fantation. :)

Posted by Alexey Subbotin 2006-12-13