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RS Media Robot Development Kit / News: Recent posts

RSMedia USBNet Console Update

The RS Media USBNet Console has been updated. The instructions are now revised and clarified so that it is easier to install the system. Also a file was moved to the proper directory in the package. In addition, if you uninstall the old driver and install the new driver in this update, then you will see "RS Media USB Console" in the LibUSB Devices menu in your Device Manager. The newest version is which you can download in the files area.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-17

Robot Disassembly Documentation

We now have RS Media Disassembly documentation and Remote control disassembly and reassembly documentation in our Wiki's new Hardware section:

Posted by Anonymous 2010-06-27

Serial Port Networking Available!

We now have a new Serial Port Networking package ready for download that allows you to run a web server and a telnet server right from the robot! You must have the serial port hack done to your robot as this only works with a direct non-USB cable connection. Also you will need to be sure your robot is running the Version 2 firmware.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-06-06

New Robot Upgrade Package

Helibot and Nocturnal have done it again! The guys worked together to bring you a firmware refresh package. Many thanks also goes to Randy from WowWee Robotics who helped to publish the firmware sources for everyone to obtain. This new package will upgrade your version 1 firmware RS Media robot (without USBNet feature) to factory defaults of a late model version 2 firmware with the USBNet feature by reflashing the firmware. WARNING: REFLASHING FIRMWARE VOIDS YOUR ROBOT'S WARRANTY! That said, this is a good way to upgrade a hosed bot. As always, before anything does go wrong, be sure to use the Firmware Dump Script to back up your robot's firmware before you start development, just in case! ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2010-05-19

Web Site Updates and New Wiki!

I've updated the main web site and added a menu item for our new Wiki, which is a work in progress. See the RS Media Video Camera System area, Color Tracking article as it's converted from the article that used to be in the robot lab site.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-02-21

Project Application Online

I've created a new project application form. Those wishing to join the project, please go to this URL and you'll get all the info you need as well as the online application form.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-08-18

Project Web Site Online and Developer Added

The project web site is now online at:

I would also like to welcome Helibot to the team. Actually, he's always been on the team. :) I just have him added officially to this SourceForge Project.

Tracking is now enabled. Bugs, Feature Requests, support, etc. are all online.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-06-28

New RS Media Robot Dev Kit Files

I've split up the dev kit files into several packages. There's source code, serial console, firmware dump, and cross-tool compiler to compile C programs in any linux system. The executable will then run on the RS Media. The FreeScale source code is actually a link to FreeScale's site to download it (as it's over 400MB). For more information on the RS Media see and

Posted by Anonymous 2009-06-28