#97 Right-clicking on an unselected item...

ROX-Filer (85)
Nato Welch

I LOVE ROX Filer, but I've had a long standing pet-peeve with it that's bitten me many times.

If no items are selected in a filer window, and you right-click on an item, the item is selected, and you're operating on it. That's fine. But if one or more other items are selected, and you right-click on an item that isn't selected, the clicked item is NOT selected, and the popup menu is generated to operate on the previously selected items.

This behavior has messed me up many times. The problem often occurs like this: I'm cleaning up a temporary folder. I right-click on a file and examine its properties. I elect not to delete it, and move on. The file is still selected, however. I see another file I definitely know I want to delete, so I right click on it and select delete. The problem is that the file I clicked on is not added to the selection, while the first file remains selected. What's worse, the popup menu is operating on the FIRST file, which is not the one I wanted to delete! And now it's gone. When I realize what happened, I curse, and go looking for my backups.

I've enclosed a very simple patch to fix the behavior. With it, any right-clicked item that is not itself selected sets the selection to itself only. This still allows you to get a popup menu for multiple items - just right-click on an item that is already selected.

I wasn't sure what exactly to do with the temp_item_selected property; as I'm not sure what it's for. it does not seem to make much difference, though.

I hope you like it! Thanks for a wonderful file manager.


  • Nato Welch

    Nato Welch - 2011-12-21

    Hm. it looks like this is a dupe of 2925212 .

  • Nato Welch

    Nato Welch - 2011-12-21

    Upon further inspection, it does not appear the patch for bug 2925212 solves
    the problem for me, as it is applied in the 2.11 source I was using to
    reproduce the bug.


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