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Status RK release

Yes, it has been a while since the last official RoundAbout release, but we are (testers and developers) working hard to add another release to the program (see the activity in CVS for example). The RK release will be worth waiting for: new things include:
1). A smoothened out queuing system plus the additional 'send mail immediately'.
2). Customizable toolbars: it's so advanced that you can even reconstruct RB's built-in toolbars.
3). True multilangual support. And for Delphi people, there's a neat trick added to make that possible.... read more

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2003-01-16

Happy RJ day

RoundAbout /RJ has been released. Please read the release notes/changes first before you click the download link. Also check the homepage for How-Tos and frequent questions answered.



Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-08-30

Release cycle RJ has started

I'm currently wrapping up the latest changes for the RoundAbout /RJ release. I hope to complete several checkpoints and synchs in the English, French and Spanish version



Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-08-28

Status Update RJ II

I have decided to push the release date to next week: most features have been tested and currently things look well, but I need extra time to implement several additional features. In the mean time you may as well subscribe to the mailinglist or check the homepage for the latest pictures and screenshots of RoundAbout /RJ.

Thanks for the patience,


Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-08-21

Status update RJ

Currently RJ is slowly unfolding into a full new release. There have been several small and medium bugs fixed, and also some major features have been added: customizable colours and a brand-spanking new To Do Item list (check out the RoundAbout homepage, or check the latest release notes).
Currently several things regarding the To Do things are being round off, several small requests will be honoured. If things are going this pace, I expect to do a release next week.... read more

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-08-16

Release of RoundAbout /RI

I've just uploaded RoundAbout /RI. There are three executables and I hope to upload the sources one of these days.
Mind you that the Spanish version may still have some 'bugs', and if you notice them, please report them.
To keep yourself updated, you can subscribe to the roundabout-developers mailinglist. See the project page.

Thanks to Roland, Eugene, Igor, Jorge, Joe and the PMO team for getting this release through.... read more

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-06-21

Spanish RoundAbout

With the help of Jorge, I'm proud to announce that the initial committing of the Spanish sources and form definitions. There are still parts to be translated, but the sources can be found in PM RF ESP repository.



Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-06-15

Almost RI

We're almost ready to do an RI release of RoundAbout: currently there are two bugs in the line-up to be squashed.

If you want to keep yourself update about RI's progress, you can subscribe to the RoundAbout-Developer's mailing-list (don't use the Users mailing-list since that one doesn't have any traffic).


Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-06-12

The State of the RoundAbout

The State of the RoundAbout is strong. We have several budgetfixes and features to go:
- The code of TDOnline is still under scrutiny for more errants and optimizations.
- There are several open questions regarding the mail-queuing as implemented by Arthur (we have to blame someone).
- Some small synchs have to be made with Roland's German version. Those are mentioned in the latest releasenotes.
- Additional things will be inspected for running RoundAbout under XP.
- Additional interface changes regarding the colouring of all those panels.
- And last but not least, how can we remove the current newseditor from his job so he has more spare time to do other things, like watching Star Wars II or spend some more time with the dog.... read more

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-05-17

RH release

Both French and English RH versions are finally released. Thanks to the different contributors who made this release possible,


Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-05-13

Almost RH

I'm doing some small testing before I let RH out in the wild. With some luck I have a release at the end of the week.


Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-05-08

RoundAbout /RG.10

The new intermediate release mainly contains quick bugfixes. Please refer to the releasenotes.txt to find the details.



Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-04-22

Opened new tracker for bugs in RF

Please submit bugs for /RG in the tracker 'Bugs RF/TH'. Feature requests can be posted in either the default tracker or RF/TH.

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-04-19

RoundAbout /RG

I've uploaded the 'intermediate' release RG to SourceForge and it should be available for download now.
Sources can be grabbed from CVS as usual(See the repository). Earlier I opened the develop branch for RG. Enjoy.


Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-04-15

French RG Sync

Processing the synch of the French CVS with the English one is in process. Cartoon at 11.

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-04-15

RF (French) imported into CVS

CVS for the French version has been set up (not yet synchronized with the English version).


Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-04-07

CVS repository

RoundAbout RF has been imported into the CVS repository: check out on PHOENIX RF ENG.

News at 11 <g>


Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-04-04

RoundAbout uploaded

RoundAbout, both English and French versions have been uploaded.

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-03-29

RoundAbout roundup

Currently the bundling of binaries and sources of RoundAbout /RF is in process: both English and French versions.

A provisionary website has also been uploaded. Heeavens forbid, the official release of 'everything' is slated for Easter weekend.

Thanks for the patience.

Posted by Arthur Hoogervorst 2002-03-27

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