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Rogue clone ported to the GP32

Fernando Osuna has ported Rogue Clone IV to the GamePark GP32. Download it here:

The GP32 is a remarkable little device. Read more about it here:

Posted by Michael Lehotay 2004-12-07


w00t! As of 26 April 26 2004, rogue clone has been downloaded 1000 times!

Posted by Michael Lehotay 2004-05-07

Rogue Clone IV v2.1 released

With the new port to Windows, DOS Rogue Clone has changed its name to Rogue Clone IV. This follows Tim Stoehr's roman numeral version numbering scheme. (DOS Rogue Clone was derived from Tim Stoehr's rogue clone III.)

Exciting new features in this release of rogue clone include support for displaying colours and high ASCII characters. This means Rogue Clone IV can be configured to look like IBM PC rogue!

Posted by Michael Lehotay 2004-02-22

Old news

Old news about the rogue clone project can be found at

Posted by Michael Lehotay 2003-07-02