m.eik - 2011-12-04

funny, i was thinking about such a feature a while ago, too ;-) the koRpus plugin needs info on where TreeTagger is installed, and it's pretty tiresome to define it again and again.

couldn't this be stored in a special section of the RKWard config file? perhaps similar to a run-again-link, and if it's found, a plugin will be started with these parameters, not the original default values. that way nothing would need to be changed in any plugin, it would be more like an additional layer RKWard would check before a dialog is started.

i think run-again-links should always overwrite these settings, otherwise they'd become quite useless compared to the usual menu entry, wouldn't they?

as for the interface, i'd prefer two global buttons, next to where the submit and code buttons are now: one to "set as default", and one to "restore defaults" (which means the original plugin defaults). the latter shouldn't remove the cusomized defaults though, only if you press "set as default" again afterwards.