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Direct Input and Graphics Engine Working

Ok. I have just finished getting direct input working, and for thoes who haven't seen there is currently a working graphics engine online.

I will add the direct input code to the download section by this weekend. I have noticed a small bug related to it, other wise my update would be today. It's not a big bug as the program still works, but I want to make sure everything is right.

I will soon be putting up a CVS tree for the developers, and hopefully be kicking the project up a notch.

Posted by Reflection 2002-07-22

Removed Developers

I have removed some developers who have not participated in any discussions or meetings. If you feel you should have not been removed please say so and state your reasons.

Posted by Reflection 2002-04-08

ClassBuilder file added.

I have started to construct the main classes and outline of the program body in ClassBuilder. From this file we will continue to define and organize the project.

This is not a program as of yet. If you are not a member of the team there is little reason to download this file. But I think it is important to note, that I plan on finishing this project, in a year, and nothing will stop me. :-)

This file is my first proof that this project is underway, so check back regularly for new updates.... read more

Posted by Reflection 2002-01-17

Tech Tree Documentation Added

The first formations of the tech tree are comming into place. Check out the documentations section to see what we have.

I would like to officially thank Ryan Roos for his dedication and commitment to the project and his work on these documentations.

Posted by Reflection 2002-01-17

Picture added

I have added an additional picture to the pictures section of the web page. It's not great, but my art skills arn't either. It is an example of a possible user interface. This will change as development progresses.

Posted by Reflection 2001-12-26

Rise and Fall Mailing List!

I have started the first mailing list 'Rise and Fall - Meetings' for the members of the team. If you are on the team and want to be updated by e-mail about all things concerning our meetings, sign up now. Schedules, Agendas, and Records will be sent over this mailing list.

Posted by Reflection 2001-11-18

Basic Webpage added

I have added a basic webpage with more detail on the project and its goals. Check it out.

Posted by Reflection 2001-11-04

Rise and Fall Project Setup

I have just finished getting Source Forge to setup my Rise and Fall project. I have included 2 forums to visit, but am still working on getting a web page setup. Check back soon for additional information, and make your way over to the forums.

Posted by Reflection 2001-10-26

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