#2 RipperX stops working


I have installed RipperX with all the needed
requirements and have used the Slack Packs provided by
Xgates from www.SlackCare.com and have used it to rip
about 30 cds and then all the sudden it stops working
as when I play the file it has no sound at all. From
there the files are around the correct size have
id3tags so I would think they have info and not just
blank files.. I have asked in #slackware in
irc.freenode.net and many other good people that are
slackware savy but unsucessful on that. I'm running
Slackware 10 on kernel 2.6.7 with everything else
working but this after a little time. It usually does
like 30 - 40 cds and in the middle of that just stops
encoding with sound or something. I have even went
into the config and checked disable cdparanoia which no
luck at all. Some help would be appreciated sometime..


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  • tony mancill

    tony mancill - 2004-10-10

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    Hmmm.... This sounds pretty odd. Can you tell us more
    about your setup? Which encoder are your using, and what
    sort of CD drive are ripping from?

  • tony mancill

    tony mancill - 2004-10-10
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