Dave Kaye - 2010-11-09

You wish to use the default song titles as the names for your files. However, the 1-9 tracks are single digits where 10+ are double digit. This causes problems in sorting by file name.

The easiest way is to directly edit the song title field on the main selection screen. If you click in the box you can change the song title, adding the leading 0 that you want for the first nine tracks.

A second simple method is to change the string for the file name. Go to:
Config -> Files -> File Configuration:Filename format string.
Here you can set the structure of the file name. The default is usually %s (song) which is the track name displayed in the main selection screen. The variable %# will add the track number to the file name. If you set the format to:
%# - %s
your new file names would be:
01 - track1.mp3
02 - track2.mp3
10 - track10.mp3
The initial track number will give you the proper sort order. It is coded as a two decimal place integer. You can also add artist and album information (or book title and author) to the file name from the same formatting location.

Another useful area is the setup of the default song name. This can be found at:
Config -> General -> MP3 file:File name format
Yes, it is mis-named because it appears to be a holdover from early code development. The mp3 file name format is used to create the default song name. It does not affect the mp3 file name at all. Here anything you type in will become the default song name. The % sign will place the track number in that location. [This is the variable which goes 1,2 ...10 and is causing you trouble.] If you are interested, you could type in the disk number and make that part of the file name. The format string would be:
disk 1 track%
giving the song titles of:
disk 1 track1
disk 1 track2
disk 1 track3
Of course you would have to manually change the disk number in the formatting string for each disk.

There is some flexibility in the present program for you to get the needed file names.

I have also created a patch that will convert the song title numbers to two decimal places. The patch is number 3105659. You can install the patch and recompile your program to obtain the requested change in the behavior.