Is this project dead

  • j5

    j5 - 2006-11-11

    I'm trying to convert to linux and I installed this app on my gentoo box but I can't get CDDB to work.  I rally like the app and and I am willing top help out but I don't see any activity.



    • tony mancill

      tony mancill - 2006-11-13

      It's kind of dead, yeah...  I inherited the source and commit privs for the project a while back, but am not one of the primary developers.  If you're interested in helping you can email me directly.

      Related to your Freedb problem, Freedb recently changed its URL; try updating your ~/.ripperXrc to contain:

      CDDBConfig::Server =

      To change it in the source, you're looking for this:

      --- ripperx-2.7.0.orig/src/config_rw.c
      +++ ripperx-2.7.0/src/config_rw.c
              { "CDDBConfig::Server", config.cddb_config.server,
      -               STRING, 0, "" },
      +               STRING, 0, "" }

    • simbobo

      simbobo - 2006-11-28

      It seems a shame if it is.  This program has just saved me from sending my son back to Windows to get his CDs onto his MP3 player.  It's so much simpler than anything else I've tried.

    • Markus

      Markus - 2007-01-02

      I worked on keeping titles with all characters.

      It would be great
      - to run more than one encoder at a time and
      - to allow different artists on one disk (one per track).

      Did anybody work on that?

    • Tigerwolf

      Tigerwolf - 2007-04-02

      Please don't let it die.

      It's one of the few things that actually performs a simple task without a lot of hassle.  The fundamental functionality is there, and it appears all that's necessary is to polish it a bit and provide proper documentaion.

    • j5

      j5 - 2007-06-23

      It's been awhile since my original post and I'm glad to see there are a few interested people.  I have some time now so I'll see what I can do to contribute. 


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