Jos Dehaes - 2002-02-20

Hi all,

I know it's been awhile, and there seem to be problems with the 2.3 release, but I've found some time to work on RipperX again.

I have started a full rewrite of RipperX, the old code was not maintainable, nor flexible enough for new requirements (ogg). I have chosen to rewrite it in C not to upset the current user base. Backwards compatibility WILL be broken, but I have some neat ideas and  quite ambitious goals. I hope not to disappoint you all. Let me state some of the design goals:

    - real plugin system based on shared libraries, no more fork/exec/dup/tty/pty magic
    - pthread instead of fork
    - libxml for config file iso flat rc file
    - gui should be mostly the same (only better - I hope)
    - full support for OggVorbis
    - CDDB query AND submit

I cannot propose a timeline for all this, but I do have a second person who'll help with development. For the moment I'm working on the plugin framework, and have the cdparanoia plugin almost in usable stage. Once the core architecture stands, I'll submit it all to CVS for your viewing pleasure, this should be done within a few weeks. I'll let you know when this happens. Until then,