m3u files? CD device selection?

  • Roy Brander

    Roy Brander - 2003-11-02

    It would be nice to be able to select which CD device is ripped from, my second one is much the faster.   But that's a minor point.

    I can't find any hint that ripperX will make "m3u" directory files so you can play your MP3 tunes in the same order as the album.  With classical music, that's a dealbreaker, you get the movements all out of order.

    And indication from the development team if that very simple little operation (writing a text file for heaven's sake) is coming?

    Or did I miss a feature somehow?

    I'm using 2.4 - I'd love to install 2.6 but it complains about the lack of libc.so.6 from glibc 2.3 -- and that really refuses to RPM, there's some major dependency conflict.   Arrgghhh....

    • Roy Brander

      Roy Brander - 2003-11-02

      Doh!   I see now you can put options on the cdparanoia call - so I just added

      -d /dev/cdrom1

      and away I went with the 2nd cd-rom.

      But I'm still in the dark about how to do a directory file.

      I thought of a workaround, but it didn't work owing to a bug - you can't actually specify the filename format; it always uses the song title no matter what you put in the field.  A topic for a separate post!


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