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#42 Ubuntu: can't rip mp3 files

Mike Jr

I installed ripperx 2.7.2-2 on ubuntu. No joy in ripping mp3 files. I can rip a CD track to wav. After installing package libavcodec-unstripped-52 I was able to get ffmpeg -acodec libmp3lame to convert the wav file to mp3. When I tried to configure ripperx mp3 the only encoder available is OggVorbis.

1. Why can't I rip mp3 files?
2. How do I get plugins for other encoders? Specifically, can I get ripper to use libavcodec-unstripped-52?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I had the same problem.

    sudo apt-get install lame

    Change config file in mp3 section.

  • Dave Kaye

    Dave Kaye - 2010-05-01

    I do not use Ubuntu, I use openSUSE but the principles should be the same.

    I do not think you have installed LAME on your system. Programs for Linux are broken up into a number of packages - in this case the LAME executable (which calls the base library), at least one base library libmp3lame and in some distributions a libmp3lame-devel which contains code headers. You probably need only the LAME library for ffmpeg. RipperX creates a child process which interacts with the LAME executable program to make the mp3. To check out what is installed, simply go to any terminal or command line and enter lame. If you have the full system, then LAME should respond with a version and help greeting. If you do not have the executable then there should be an error message. You will have to find the additional executable package for LAME for Ubuntu (should be readily available in repositories) or else go to the LAME website and download/compile the complete system from there.

    RipperX should work with all the various types of encoders listed. However, if you are looking for any of the mp3 encoders listed, most of them have been discontinued by the authors and have been removed from circulation. LAME has become the encoder of choice for mp3. You can get the other types of encoders (toolame, musepack, FLAC) from Ubuntu repositories or else google the encoder name and compile it from the source.

    I have written a number of plugins for ripperX to use additional encoders that are not listed, but these plugins have not made it into the source tree. As ffmpeg is an executable, it should be possible to utilize it if a plugin is developed. It acts as a traffic cop between various encoder engines and also some internal codecs through the attached libraries. However, ripperX is better interacting directly with the encoders themselves if they are available as executables.

  • Derek Tombrello

    Derek Tombrello - 2010-12-21

    I had a similar problem... Except RipperX worked fine for a while, then all of a sudden, all of the other encoder listed were greyed out. The only one I could select is OogVorbis. I checked dpkg and I have libmp3lame0, libtwolame0 and twolame installed. I installed lame like you suggested and I can select that one, but I still want to know why the others became unselectable even though I have them installed... Thanks...


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