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absence notation

I'm suprised because there are some links to this page after I leave this project because of my busy and lesser interest.
I expricitly say again that if you would write to CORBA binding for Ruby base on this project, you can do it with no permit by me. It's is under the LGPL.

And I promise that in someday sometime I'll back to Free Software world and I never tresspass your work because of my old work.... read more

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2004-04-01

new proj: corba-ruby mapping specification

I create new project to define corba-ruby mapping.
From now, the goal of Rinn is to implement the specification in 100% pure Ruby.

please go to <a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/corba-ruby/">http://sourceforge.net/projects/corba-ruby/</a>

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2001-10-02

ruby-orbit can be used on server side.

Now ruby-orbit support server-side object.
It means you can write CORBA server using ruby-orbit.

Although server side corba-ruby mapping is not yet well thinked, the ridl does not generate server side skeleton.

From now, updating the project is to be slower because my summer vacation remains a few days;-P

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2001-07-30

ruby-orbit new version

at now, the ruby-orbit is work with CORBA-Ruby biding.
but you may take care that old Rinn is not work with newest CORBA-Ruby or Ridl.

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2001-07-23

rinn-ridl-0.1.2 released.

success to connect gnome-name-service.

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2001-04-24

ridl-0.1.1 is released.

Ridl is a IDL compiler for Rinn.
You'll been easy to get stub code.

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2001-02-23

Rinn-0.1.0 is released

first runnable version of rinn.
Shall you run and hack it?

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2001-02-23

Rinn opens at SourceForge!

good luck, Rinn.

Posted by Daisuke Kanda 2001-02-23