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Ringside Beta 4

Beta 4 has been released including
- Open Social Support
- Facebook API, FBML enhancements
- API lifecycle
- Payment service updates
- Community Panel with
-- Key Mgmt
-- System Info
-- Social and System metrics/statistics

Posted by Richard Friedman 2008-06-03

Ringside Social Application Server Beta 2 Released

Beta 2 Released

We released Beta 2 tonight and we are on pace to have releases every 2 weeks here on out. To facilitate this we have a completely automated build and test process much thanks to the open source projects listed for making this possible.

* Hudson ( https://hudson.dev.java.net/ )
* PHP Unit ( http://phpunit.de/ )
* SimpleTest ( http://simpletest.org/ )

We have also started to add tests against our demo/tutorial applications with simpletest to ensure each beta supports the tutorials as well.
Beta 2 Includes... read more

Posted by Richard Friedman 2008-04-29

Ringside Beta 1 Released

Ringside Social Application Server beta 1 released Tuesday March 25th.

Release Notes: http://jira.ringsidenetworks.org/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=10000&styleName=Html&version=10003
Community Site: http://www.ringsidenetworks.org/

Posted by Richard Friedman 2008-03-25