#2 problems when multithreaded


I'm just working on a multithreaded rexx-mysql program under os/2. For multithreading, I use rexx-ipc
(can be found in the attached file). If now one on the threads brings down his connection (they all
have different connection names), all other connections also die. A little sample is included (password
for the db has to be set correctly), which builds a connection to a db, selects some rows from it, then
starts a slave (with its own threadid, variablespace) which itsself builds a connection, selects the same
data an then closes his connection. If the master-process then continues, he has lost his connection.


  • Wolfgang Streule

    see detailed describtion

  • Wolfgang Streule

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  • Wolfgang Streule

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    Meanwhile, the source of rexx-ipc was uploaded to hobbes.
    Maybe this can help to solve the problem

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-12-31

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    I've spent a couple of days on this problem, but still can't
    resolve the problem. Rexx/SQL is not thread-safe. I have
    made significant changes to improve its thread safety, but
    obviously not enough :-(

    I will keep working on this, but it probably won't be until
    I release 2.4.

  • Julie Wise

    Julie Wise - 2003-08-01

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    Hello, I'm very new to REXXSQL and have just found myself in
    this same situation.
    Has any suggestions been offered? What did you do to get
    around the problem?

  • e-turd

    e-turd - 2004-06-13

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    Has there been any progress on the threading issue. I have
    posted in the Help Forum about this .

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2004-07-19

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    An update on the multi-threading capabilities of Rexx/SQL.

    I now have a working thread-safe version of Rexx/SQL for
    MySQL running under Windows. This has involved a
    significant amout of work to get to this point, but the
    fundamental principals and infrastructure have been implemented.
    Thread-safety for other platforms and other databases (that
    are thread-safe themselves) should involve much less work
    and should be working within the next few weeks; all going


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