#1 Problem Importing CHAR in DB2 under XP


I can't import into column of type CHAR in DB2 under
Windows XP.

I am using REXXSQL V2.3 with Regina 2.2 on two
different PCs, one running Windows 95 and the newer
one running Windows XP. The Win95 machine accesses a
DB2 V6.0 system (that's DB2 V6.0 with no fixpacks
installed); the WinXP machine accesses a DB2 V7.2.3
system (that's DB2 V7.2 with fixpack 5 installed).
Under Win95, I have no problem inserting CHAR data
into a CHAR(x) column into DB2. Under WinXP, I am
unable to insert CHAR data into a CHAR(x) column in
DB2. The error I get is CLI0112E.

I can successfully insert INT and DATE data under
WinXP but not CHAR. I can insert CHARs into the DB2
V7.2.3 database via native DB2 tools like the Command
Center. I have looked at my code very carefully and
don't think that I have any errors in my code so I
think it has to be in the REXXSQL code, although I
could be wrong.

I could provide you with my REXX code, a table
definition, and a copy of my input file so that you
can replicate the problem. I would happily assist you
to the extent of my abilities if that would expedite
the resolution of this problem.

Reinhardt Christiansen


  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-03-30
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  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-03-30

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    Can the Win95 machine insert CHAR data into the DB2 7.2
    database ?
    Are you using the DB2 port of Rexx/SQL or the ODBC port ?
    Have you tried the Rexx/SQL 2.4 beta:
    I'd attempt to test this, but I don't have a copy of DB2
    7.2, although I'm expecting a copy of the Linux SDK in a
    few weeks, which will have DB2, but I don't know what

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-03-30
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  • Reinhardt Christiansen

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    I am very reluctant to upgrade the DB2 on the Win95
    machine for fear that it will not be able to insert CHAR
    data after that; it works now but if this bug is related
    to DB2, it may very well NOT work after the DB2 upgrade.

    The problem I am having on the XP machine was with the DB2
    port of Rexx/SQL; I haven't tried the ODBC port because
    the DB2 port has worked fine up until now.

    I haven't tried the Rexx/SQL 2.4 beta but I suppose that
    is the most attractive option right now. I'll give that a
    go and let you know what happens. If that fails, I'll try

    You can get DB2 7.2 right now for free if you don't want
    to wait for your Linux SDK. The Personal Edition of the
    current version of DB2 (currently 7.2) is always free at
    the IBM web site; just do a search on "DB2" from the
    www.ibm.com page and one of the hits will be the DB2 home
    page. There should be a link on that page which directs
    you to the free downloads. Don't forget to install the
    latest Fixpack for DB2 as well; it's also free but I don't
    recall the URL. You should be able to find it somewhere
    near the downloads page. I'm assuming you have a broadband
    connection; it's a VERY large download if you are dialup.

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2002-04-18

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    I have finally received the DB2 7.2 for Linux CD from IBM.
    Hopefully I'll get this up and running and tested over the
    next couple of weeks.
    And no I don't have a broadband connection :-(