Rexx/DW and IBM ObjectREXX

  • Pignat

    Pignat - 2004-05-30

    Does it work or is it only supported under Regina Rexx?
    Same question as ebm1991. How to load

    RC= RxFuncAdd('DW_LoadFuncs', 'rexxdw', 'DW_LoadFuncs')
    say rc
    rc= dw_loadfuncs()
    say rc

    This gives routine not found while REXXDW.DLL has been placed with ObjectRexx or in the same path as the example provided. Very few explanation to install the product in the doc.

    • William

      William - 2004-06-16

      Did you ever get this to execute??   I am having the same probrem
      with some code I ported from INM's Object Rexx.

      You are right about the lack of documentaion.

    • Quique

      Quique - 2004-06-22

      This is Mark's reply to my (and yr) question which was posted on the "talkabout" lists.:

      I am runnung eComStation with Regina 3.3 installed, when I run my RexxDW
      > app (rexxdw myprog.cmd) which Rexx DLL is it using? the one which comes
      > with eCS (classic/Object Rexx) or Regina?
      > How can I make my RexxDW app's only use the Rexx DLL shipped with
      > eComStation (OS/2)?

      Right now you can't :-( The current Rexx/DW is dependent on the
      RexxCallBack() API, and OS/2 Rexx does not support this. I am working on
      changes to support interpreters without RexxCallBack().

      I currently have it functioning quite well, but have to sort out the
      problem of executing a Rexx external function package that needs to be
      a PM application from CMD.EXE which is a VIO application. When that is
      done, I will release Rexx/DW 1.0 which will support OS/2 and Object Rexx.

      Cheers, Mark.

    • fso

      fso - 2004-08-06


      Is working with ObjectRexx already possible ?? It looks it only wants to work with Regina.



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