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Retro Game Library / News: Recent posts

In case you can't tell . . .

. . . this project is pretty much dead. :)

Since the last release I've learned a lot, and realize now that this project is truly awful code. I fell into the Bottomless Pit Of Perfect Object-Orientedness.

So there won't be any more releases, and I truly doubt anyone wants to continue it. Still, it's here for posterity.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2004-05-09


0.3.0 has been released. I'm almost calling the main library done at this point. There are a few things that need to be added (a few other rendering options, better control system) and a bunch that need to be tweaked, but in general, I think it's usable now.

Originally I was planning to start working up a few tutorials. However, other things have come up, and I basically have to just make something out of this. Which I'm going to do. However, it's not going to be open-source, at least, not for now.... read more

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2002-02-25

Release soon

I've actually got a working build right now, but I'm holding off releasing it until I get a few other things together, namely the drawing of rectangles and polys and a few other primitives. Once that's done, I'm seriously considering writing a few tutorials and doing some documentation. We shall see :) Stay tuned.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2002-02-22


refactored some stuff. moved file ownership to the modules. the manager now only does the actual dispatching. removed the init system, added a more efficient one. will be ripping apart the wrapped soon to give the manager some more info. Font's green because HSL isn't working (started) yet. Give it time.

Computer gets packed tomorrow, gets unpacked once I figure out just what the fuck I'm doing with my life, where I'm going to be spending the next year, and get it mailed there. Retro on hold 'till then.... read more

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2002-01-25


Okay, yes, I suck, I admit that. I said we'd have a release about a week ago and we didn't. Well, instead, we have a release now, and if anyone was really paying attention to this project I'm sure they'd be quite happy with it.

I've finally got the hardware rendering working. Which also means full alpha and so forth. I've started making a few modifications to the file manager because I realized a decision I made before was pretty stupid, and they're basically done, I just need to add a bit more code to test the thing out.... read more

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2002-01-15

soon soon very soon

. . . is the next release. As it stands, I have the 3d rendering working. Woo! Like, WORKING. I'll post the next release tonight, and probably call this library alpha at that point. It's still got some fixes and glitches, and I still need the sound system, but besides that - strangely enough - it's actually done.

Wow that feels weird to say.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2002-01-08

ugh ow pain

I summon the spectre of schoolwork upon me! MWAHAHAHAH! May finals tear the flesh from my bones, and assorted annoying situations really really frustrate me! Oh, and may I get a new computer and spend a week setting it up, then ship it to Boulder for January and be stuck at home on a Pentium 166 with no working compiler!

Wait, I already am.

No, I haven't forgotten about this. In fact, I've got some of the 2d-through-3d stuff working - as long as your idea of a good time is untextured quads, in fact, it's done! Which means it's not done. So I'll get it done, then release it. Since I rather doubt there are hordes of people out there eagerly awaiting my release (if there are, tell me :P) I'm not rushing.... read more

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-12-26

Major release

Released version 0.2.-1! Yes, yes, negative one - 0.2.0 is going to have 3d support finally, 0.2.-1 is just me finishing up the interface changes I'll need. Now I can start actually coding the thing. Hopefully the delay won't be quite as long for the next one . . . I just got mauled by school there, and it was major anyway.

Well, as usual, let me know if you have anything to say about the project :P

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-11-18

More schoolwork

. . . . continues to overwhelm my life. Bah. wish I could get more work done on this :/ It's not dead, it's just . . . sort of frozen.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-11-01


I haven't died, I've just been attacked by massive schoolwork. I'm in the middle of doing a pretty major modification to the raster system so I can set up 3D acceleration in the very near future - in fact, that's my next project, once the rasters are done with. So sit tight and I might be able to release in a few weeks. Midterms are this week, and next week I'm on break at a friend's house, but might get some coding done anyway ;)

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-10-15


Woo! Released. This version includes enough control stuff that it might actually be useful. I still need to add some more devices and figure out a better way of assigning HID IDs, but that's all implementation anyway. Though there might be a few general items left . . . anyway. Next, I think, is get rid of my gimpy string class - after that, it's time to go 3d. ^^ Controls will just have to wait - they're good enough :)

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-09-25

release soon

Working on input stuff - with any luck, the next release will include device IDs, key IDs, and HID usage tables, all set up so you can programatically find the right button and store/retrieve the key information.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-09-24


I don't know *what* happened for 0.1.0, but somehow the file didn't get up there properly. Hopefully fixed >_<

Why does sourceforge have a delay between when you add a file and when it actually shows up?

And why do I keep typing "sourceforget" instead of "sourceforge"?

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-09-09

First useful release!

Finally released a version with working input system :) This is *not* the final version for input stuff - it still needs a good deal of work (for example, it detects my mouse twice). However, the crossplatform interface is *probably* not going to change. For now. Yeah, I know I know, it's bad programming style to be this uncertain. Well it's not like anyone cares anyway, or if they do, they haven't posted. So - if you want a say in what I do, POST already! Grrrr!... read more

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-09-06

Release soon

Working on control input right now. It'll handle all sorts of fun stuff, including actual names for buttons/axes, and being able to transparently handle any controller you care to throw at it. Stay tuned.

Who am I talking to, anyway? >_<

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-09-02

Nothing for a while

can't get access to computer, it's in storage. grrrr. so, that means no dev. Release will happen eventually :)

Could someone *please* post *something* on a board or this news item or something? I feel like I'm working in a vacuum :P

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-08-26

guess I managed a release after all

input systems. the interface won't change, so you can write stuff using this if you want, but the backend needs a TON of work. Enjoy :)

oh, and I've abandoned the changelog at the moment, mostly because I'm lazy.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-08-21

Minor hiatus

Due to getting-back-to-school issues, there probably won't be another release for a few days. However, the next release ought to include at least the beginnings of an input system :) I've already got the data structures up, I just have to set up DirectInput. After that, I'll be back with my computer and a 3d card, and I plan to rewrite a good deal of the graphics system. Things in the future may be interesting, and with any luck, the engine will actually be usable in a month or two, at which point I'll shift it into beta status.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-08-21

Mailing list

Added a mailing list. Subscribe, or something, if you're interested - I'm getting curious about how many people are really interested in this, especially since I hit something like 120 pageviews a few days ago :) So post an entry in the forums or subscribe to the list or something.

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-08-16


File post is being gimpy. I'll work on it tomorrow, if I have time :/

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-08-13


Grrr, haven't gotten much time to work on this - went camping with friends, and as I'm heading back to school, time is tight. Pulled together a little something anyway. See release notes - I didn't have time to test it before release very well (it's late, and I'm tired) so, ymmv. Lemme know if it doesn't work and I'll beat it into submission :)

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-08-13

First Release

Well, here we are - first release. And such. I wonder if anyone's ever going to see this :) In any case, I'm always open for comments - at the moment this library is going through birthing pains, so I'm not accepting outside coding help, but I'll cheerfully credit good ideas. Even if you just think you might want to use it - or even if you're wondering why I'm bothering - lob over to the forums and let me know.... read more

Posted by Ben Wilhelm 2001-08-04