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This is a small update to provide an important bug fix. Many of us are using laptops nowadays with Intel HD graphics (including me) and the terrain wasn't rendering. I managed to find time to investigate and fix the problem and so I thought I should do a new release to share it.

Posted by Retribution 2016-04-14


Well, of course, it's time for a new 'final' release! In the last version I made a mistake, so it got released with broken lighting for the Corridors of Power game. So this version is only to correct that mistake.

Posted by Retribution 2009-12-27


This is planned to be the final release of the project. It ties together all the latest patches into one download package with a minor bug fix for the model editor. The directory structure is improved with game files and source code spit into separate directories and build support for the code::blocks compiler is added. I am slowly migrating to Ubuntu as my computing platform so, you never know, I may work out how to port the project to Linux. (The annoying thing is that everything works picture-perfect using Wine except for the mouse control in game!) If you want to keep the project alive or are willing to port to Linux then please do!! You may want to continue the work on the project or create your own fork, it's up to you. Thanks to those who showed interest over the years!

Posted by Retribution 2009-09-24

1.10.5 patch

A new patch is now available. It's been a while since I was able to spend a lot of time on the project, just been too busy :S But I have been doing things while I can and this patch is the result. The main thing that is added is support for French language which is something that I wanted to add for a long time, thanks to Dominique Saussereau! Also included are a variety of bug fixes, mainly for the editors, and a few tweaks to levels to improve playability.

Posted by Retribution 2008-12-02


Today sees another patch to the Retribution Engine. This adds various improvements to weapons including varying weapon inaccuracy with skill level and weapons fire effects. Also included are two more levels for the Dead Man Walking game. As with all patches for the engine, the latest patch contains the contents of all previous patches.

Posted by Retribution 2008-09-08

Retribution Engine: 1.10.1 Patch

The Retribution Engine is designed for first person action games on Windows PCs using OpenGL and OpenAL. It is supplied with a wide range of games and levels and includes fully featured level and model editors.

Hot on the heels of the new release comes a patch that improves the Configure & Launch utility. It now doesn't count single levels with episode files as games so they can launch immediately rather than going to the menu screen. It also categorises levels on the Launch Level dialog, making them easier to find.

Posted by Retribution 2008-08-29

Retribution Engine 1.10 Released

The latest version of the Retribution engine is now available. This release sees improvements to the source code structure, so allowing all the latest versions of Visual C to be used. The source code is also now gcc and Linux friendly so allowing the possibility of a port to Linux. Improvements to the engine in this release include re-written jump physics, improved loading times and replacement of DirectSound with OpenAL. Various other changes and bug fixes are detailed in the release notes.

Posted by Retribution 2008-08-25

Welcome to our new developer!

I'm pleased to announce that Tim has joined the project as a developer. He has a lot of experience in game engine programming and will be a big asset to the project. He'll be working on porting the engine to other platforms and adding a variety of graphical improvements. To begin his work, Tim has implemented OpenAL support in the engine and this will be available in the next release.

Posted by Retribution 2008-04-25

Patch release

In response to the recent constructive criticism in a video review of the game engine, I decided to release a patch to answer some of the most obvious flaws that were highlighted. The most significant change is a re-write of the jumping and falling routines to use Newtonian physics, which even I can see has made a big improvement ;) I've also fixed another bug that has allowed me to increase the maximum frame rate and so hopefully reduce the lag in user input. Also I tweaked my Slime Pits level to hopefully make it a bit easier and fixed some glitches in the level design of The Sewer that the new physics highlighted.

Posted by Retribution 2008-04-20

Retribution Engine 1.09 release

Today sees the release of the latest update of the Retribution Engine. The Retribution Engine is a complete package for the production of first person shooter games and includes powerful editing tools, tutorials, games and extra levels. In this release the main additions to capability are automatic vis calculations and 'use key' functionality. Also incorporated are a number of improvements and bug fixes as described in the release notes.

Posted by Retribution 2008-04-04

Retribution Engine 1.08 Released

This release replaces IJL with libjpeg to make porting to other OS's easier. It also fixes a number of bugs in the engine including the failure to shoot close enemies and the possible slow downs when breaking glass. It also fixes several minor glitches in the supplied levels.

Posted by Retribution 2007-07-10

GPL Release 1.07

The Retribution Engine has now gone open source! The 1.07 release has no changes from 1.06 other than code and license changes to support the GPL release. The setup package is the full package containing all the games and levels for the engine including The Depot, Sinister, Corridors of Power plus all other single player, challenge and survival maps. Have fun :)

Posted by Retribution 2007-06-28

GPL Release Coming Soon

The GPL release is almost complete. All source files have the appropriate headers and all the code has been tidied up. All that is required now is to build the packages and test them. This should only take a few days.

Posted by Retribution 2007-06-25

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