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site backup

The site is now back up.

It was down due to a minor hicup with the site host. Hopefully it won't happen again.

Posted by Peter T Mount 2003-01-31 is down

For some reason, the entire domain is down and has been for the last 14 hours.
A technical request is in for support, but it's probably going to be down for a few more hours due to timezone differences. Unfortunately all email is being bounced.

Posted by Peter T Mount 2003-01-31

New Struts based site is up

Finally after about 2 months development, the new site is up. Written entirely using Jakarta-Struts and Tomcat, it's more database efficient and extensible than the old PHP site.

The source for the site is now in the CVS repository under the site module.

Posted by Peter T Mount 2003-01-31

API & CVS Updates

Although I'm about a month behind schedule, release is almost here.
This morning I've updated the CVS repository so it now matches my development tree. Over the weekend, the API documentation was published on the web site. If everything goes fine, release will be this week. Peter

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-09-02

Release due soon, NetBeans supported

Things have been slow (been busy setting up a business), but they are progressing.

New features in the next release
New build scripts
NetBeans support (the core tools are now working from within the NetBeans environment)
New modules

More later... Peter

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-07-02

Xerces update required for JDK1.4.0

After rebuilding my development box (swapped hardware), I upgraded to Java2 1.4.0 with Forte 3.0 CE. However, none of the XML would work due to some conflict within Xerces. To fix this you will need to upgrade Xerces to the latest version, which looks like it was released yesterday (April 29 2002). Once you use those jars, the XML parsing will work under JDK 1.4.0.


Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-04-30

Development slow this last week

I've been helping my best friend move into her pub this last week (great hardship ;*) ) so I've not been able to add anything this last week. Only a few fixes to the pdf code. Hopefully it will improve over the next week. Peter

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-04-09

Retep homepage back up

Finally, after two days, the retep homepage is back up. The down time was caused by some problems with apache after a server upgrade :-(

Anyhow, new on the site are some screenshots. Either click on the random image on the homepage, or go to to see the index.


Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-03-22

Retep Homepage currently down

I've been away for a couple of days, and have discovered that the site is down. I'm following it up at the moment, and hopefully it will be back up soon. Peter

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-03-20

API Class documentation now available

I've finally sorted out the API Class documentation. You can now access them by clicking API on the homepage

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-03-09

retepPDF-II tested and working with Servlets & Images

From tests made over the last few days using tomcat, the new code works when generating PDF from within a Servlet. On top of that, one of the original bugs/features from the original project now works, that is Images.

The current test source is now in CVS, and work is underway to support correct Font Metrics (AFM files are now readable) and Java2D (about 50% complete). Java2D should be ready by Saturday.

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-03-06

Rewrite of retepPDF is almost complete

The rewrite of the retepPDF package is almost complete.
Codenamed retepPDF-II, the rewrite was started last Friday (22nd Feb), and so far things are looking pretty good (even images are working).
Note: Because of the rewrite, it is being incorporated into the retepTools suite, and will be under the same BSD license, not the LGPL (or GPL). I can do this because it has no connection with the old project.
The first public release will be made on Sunday night, when stage 2 of the rewrite - the all important documentation - begins.

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-03-01

Finally the initial release is public

Finally, after some ISP problems, the initial release is now available. The .tar.gz * .zip files contain both the api docs, and the jar file.

The jar file on its own is also available.

Posted by Peter T Mount 2002-02-18

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