Quest for Nichrome

Yvan Roy
  • Yvan Roy

    Yvan Roy - 2007-02-20

    Hi, I'm starting to buy stuff for an extruder, Tommalise style.  I've got most of the materials I need, and I'm just wondering if anyone has found a good source of nichrome wire?  I'm located in Ontario, Canada, but I suspect I'll have to order from the States.  Er, that's Canadian speak for the US.  ;)

    I have an order just about to go out to DigiKey, but of course they don't seem to have nichrome there.

    BTW, I think I'll be focusing on extruding ABS plastic, it seems to be closest to what I need.

    Thanks for any leads!

    • plaasjaapie

      plaasjaapie - 2007-02-20


      I get mine from a crowd called Pelican down in Florida.  You can get the website for the nichrome from the Tommelise website at...

      If you are only going to make one or two extruder barrels give me your address and I will send you along the 15 inches or so to do the job in the post.  I can be reached at

      I'm a little worried about your using ABS at this point.  I've got filament for the job but the stuff is right at the edge and maybe a little bit beyond the edge of what my Mk 2.1 can handle.  HDPE is working fine and HPP works pretty good.  The Mk 2 polymer pump body just doesn't seem to be able to put enough pressure on the filament to pump ABS as well as it ought with the springs I have.  I have to use a clamp in addition to the springs to make it work.  I'm going to be making a beefier polymer pump for ABS and HPP out of HDPE as soon as I can get Tommelise printing well enough to do multiple layers.


    • Adrian Bowyer

      Adrian Bowyer - 2007-02-20
    • Yvan Roy

      Yvan Roy - 2007-02-21

      Thanks guys! I'm seeing lots of 50ft spools, for around $20+ US plus shipping.  ;)  Forrest's offer seems very good right now!

      Now about the ABS.  I noticed it is at the limit viscosity/pressure wise, but my strong point is fabrication.  (That and 3D modeling I suppose)  Building a few assorted prototypes is not a problem.  Schedule wise I should now have some time available in the evening.  :)


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