#16 System-wide Java libraries should be prefered.


One outstanding issue with the host software is it's incompatibility with 64-bit Linux. The Wiki currently recommends to replace some of the distributes libraries with those installed by the packaging system: http://reprap.org/wiki/Installing_RepRap_on_your_computer#Linux_AMD64 . This could be simpler if the RepRap host software would just prefer installed libraries over those coming with RepRap in general.

Please find a patch attached. Tested and verified to work fine on 64-bit Ubuntu.


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    Anonymous - 2010-06-29
  • Jonathan Marsden

    (1) This proposed change does not cause the use of existing Java .jar library files from /usr/share/java/ . Should it do so?

    (2) How would this kind of change affect Unix-like systems on which these directories do not exist? OS X may be an example of such a system.

    The real fix for 64bit Ubuntu is to get the RepRap software (and all libraries it needs) packaged and into the repositories. But until that happens, a "quick fix" like this is helpful, as long as it does not break things for other operating systems.

    We could perhaps include a modified reprap script as a file named reprap64 or something similar, to make sure we do not break other systems? Or test for the existence of /usr/lib/jni/ (and /usr/share/java/ ?) before running with the modified command line?



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