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Replicator / News: Recent posts

2.9 uploaded to woody-proposed-update

Version 2.9 is available in woody-proposed-update.
You can use 3.0 from testing even with woody.

Posted by Sébastien Chaumat 2003-04-29

Replicator 2.0.1 in CVS

All networks are now defined in the config file:
Only ONE bootdisk to install ALL targets in ALL
-->Feedback wanted<--

Posted by Sébastien Chaumat 2001-04-09

Replicator 2.0 is out!

Many enhancement since 1.X.
See the notes/changelog.

Posted by Sébastien Chaumat 2001-02-05

New repli-miniroot-potato script

A new script is there to replace repli-miniroot.
It's a dialog/interactive tool to create a
nfsroot filesystem from potato.
It can use an official cdrom set, a remote mirror (with wget) or a local mirror. Only cdrom suport is complete.

Posted by Sébastien Chaumat 2000-10-09

Move to SourceForge completed!

The CVS is now open. Look at the sources and help us if you

Posted by Sébastien Chaumat 2000-10-03

Move in progress

We are moving from
It should take one or two days. Stay tuned.

Posted by Sébastien Chaumat 2000-09-24