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ReplayPC 0.4.0 released

A simple text mode utility for extracting mpg files from ReplayTV Personal Video Recorders via TCP/IP. This utility is Win32 native, but is being developed with an eye for easy porting to *nix operating systems.

This version has several months worth of work modularizing and extending. It includes separate, more flexible clients, for each of the 'httpfs', 'replaytv_guide' and 'rddns' protocols. The source tree also includes a library with functions to parse most of the file formats used during the nightly update process.... read more

Posted by Todd Larason 2002-06-19

Getting Started with SourceForge

Now that our good friends at SourceForge are hosting the ReplayPC project, I've got more work than ever! :-) So much info to input! It's a good thing that I have some Linux / Unix experience. Otherwise I think my head would have exploded allready! ha ha

I have read the SourceForge for beginners documentation, and I think that I can have most everyting setup and rolling this weekend. Jan 5, 2002. ... read more

Posted by Matthew Linehan 2002-01-05