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New the 0.0.7 version !

The 0.0.7 version of Remotehelp is out. See the new features and try the new executable. It's the easiest remote help system and it's free software.

Posted by Nestor Garcia 2009-04-06

Just now, version 0.0.6 is here!

The source code has been enhanced and now the recommended compiler is MS VC++ . This 0.0.6 version has used VC++ 6.0 on a Windows XP and works fine.

Posted by Nestor Garcia 2008-03-13

And now webcam support!

The 0.0.6 version is here, and now with webcam support, new installation methods, enhanced keylog, new CSS interface... and even can make AVI files!

Do you want to know who is working on the computer? Go download link and test it!

Posted by Nestor Garcia 2008-03-13

Soon the 0.0.6 version!

Very soon the brand new version with webcam support and two new methods of installing.

Stand alert!

Posted by Nestor Garcia 2008-03-12

Just now, version 0.0.5 is here!

Today, it's on the air the new version of remote help. New features, interesting possibilities and more, with renewed web page in two languages english and spanish. I'm very satisfied.

Salud y suerte!!!

Posted by Nestor Garcia 2007-10-05

Soon the 0.0.5 version!

Almost finished, the new 0.0.5 version is in the oven. A lot of new features like delete files, upload files, scan ports and more!

Posted by Nestor Garcia 2007-10-04

First month on the air!

Remote Help has achieved its first month on sourceforge with 959 downloads.

Thanks to everyone!

Are you satisfied with the results? Don't forget developers needs your feedback to improve the programs, so, download, test and email me!

Posted by Nestor Garcia 2007-08-03