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Hello all,
I really appreciate you great work with this tool, it's very useful. Thanks.

I have a couple of problems though.
Installation went ok and I managed to subscribe to my iCal feed from gCalendar. The first synchronization went thru I got copy of all the events on my Outlook Calendar.

I had an error here, while Remote Calendars was reading one of the iCals, about importing events from the past and the span of time synchronized (it happens with just one of the 4 iCals and my guess is that is probably related to infinite recurrent events...). Btw, I don't consider this a major problem, since the event appear in the Outlook Calendar properly as they should, despite the error pop-up.

I got some problems, instead, when your add-in tries to periodically re-synchronize with gCalendar iCal events. The "Remote iCalendar reloading state" windows takes a long time to reload the iCals feeds and those operations seems to be made on foreground (therefore I cannot access my Outlook while this is performed). Moreover, if I switch to other windows, the reload take even more time leading, most of the times, to a timeout. Each of the 4 iCals I subscribed to from gCalendar yield to a timeout error like the one showed in the attachment.

Is the slowness a problem related to the tool or is the iCal file the real bottleneck? I subscribed to the public version of each gCalendar iCal file as suggested in the documentation...
Unfortunately, as it is working now, the add-in creates problems because it blocks my Outlook for long periods of time, making it unaccessible (I so wish I hadn't to use it, but it's required for my work...) and requires me to Ok-clear the above mentioned error pop-up (timeout window) for each and every one of the iCals every 15 minutes...

As conclusion, I'll dare to ask you if it would possible for you to include a feature in the tool that gives the opportunity, at subscribing time, to specify a color label for the imported calendar such that it can be more easily recognized in the case of multiple iCals are imported.

Thanks a lot for your work,
Best regards,


  • mcaramel

    mcaramel - 2007-11-05

    error screenshot

  • mcaramel

    mcaramel - 2007-11-05
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