#63 Toolbar Buttons Don't Work


Dear Remote Calendars Support,
So, I downloaded Remote Calendars and had problems with syncing from Outlook to the Google Calendar. So, I thought I could solve the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the software.
Unfortunately, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software many times and even though the toolbar shows up in outlook, none of the buttons work.
I'm not very good with computers (though I'm good at following instructions). If you could help me, I would be most grateful!


  • hcroasmun

    hcroasmun - 2007-08-27
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  • Tera-bit-dactyl

    Tera-bit-dactyl - 2007-10-01

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    I AM relatively good with computers, and here's my problem. I downloaded Remotecalendars, installed it, synched it with gcal, and everything downloaded flawlessly.

    Then, after a reboot, the toolbar for remotecalendars is still there, but with NO BUTTONS!


  • Rapsource

    Rapsource - 2007-10-02

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    I do have the same problem.
    I've loaded (and uninstalled) several time the last version of RC and had every time the same behaviour in Outlook.
    First time, perfectly running, syncing, with all buttons displayed in toolbar.
    Then, the second time I run Outlook, I still have a plenty "toolbar space" belonging to RC (I know this because, if I deselect the "RC toolbar" from the "view" pane, it will disappear).
    No sign of RC in "COM" or other programs added or in the list of "not activated" programs.
    Where is it????
    The only way to have it back is to uninstall and install again...
    Quite annoying, don't you think?
    It's a peaty, because I think RC is a beautiful idea!

  • Ron A.J. Hartendorp

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    This also happens when another application like ActiveSync (PDA/Smartphone WM5/6) is connected to a PDA or smartphone, as ActiveSync tries to sync the contacts/agenda from outlook with the PDA/smartphone, thus locking up the outlook.pst file, not allowing the plugin to start (only showing an empty toolbar with no buttons, and no read in status popup)

  • JoeTrier

    JoeTrier - 2008-01-28

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    I also have this problem. I had RemoteCalenders successfully installed and syncing with Google Calender from my Outlook 2003. On the next start of Outlook there is just the toolbar with no buttons...
    I thought it had something to do with the .net update, but it seems it is a more generic issue.
    I have iTunes installed and Motorola Phone tools to sync my cell phone contacts and calendar with outlook.
    I am running Windows XP and Outlook 2003.

    Anyone have an idea? there are posts here from 2006 describing the same issue in older versions.

  • Mark Bittman

    Mark Bittman - 2008-01-31

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    Same problem - has anyone found a solution?


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