#60 RemoteCalendarsSetup-6.3 error at login


I run Outlook 2003 on my XP home edition. I run gmail and Google calendars.

I downloaded the latest version 6.3 from the SourceForge site, installing all the pre-requisites (vstor.exe & O2003PIA,exe), downloaded and installed dotnetfx. Installed RemoteCalendarSetup.exe.

I ran Outlook which showed newly installed Remote Calendar toolbar. I ran the "add new iCalendar" setup from that toolbar.

After running through the full setup, entering my username and password, I immediately get an error:
"StartIndex cannot be less than zero.
Parameter name: startIndex"
When I click ok on the error box another message comes up:
"An error has occurred when subscribing: not all of you iCalendar has been subscribed. Delete it and retry, or contact the RemoteCalendars project."

So I am unable to add my Google iCal.

I have two pc's, this one has XP home with Office 2003, the other has XP home with Office 2007. I decided to run the exact same setup on the Office 2007 pc to see if it was an Office 2003 "thing". To my surprise I got exactly the same error message when trying to add an iCal on the second pc in Outlook2007. So, on both my machines I am unable to access the Google calendar through Outlook using your software.

The attached document consists of a dump of the specs for my pc, plus screen shots of the whole installation and error process.

I would really like to get past this error on both pc's and get in to using the calendar access.

I hope you take some time over my request as I have taken time to assemble a decent body of evidence for you in the attached PDF.
Perth Australia


  • padbury

    padbury - 2007-07-30
    • summary: Error disallowing access to iCal --> RemoteCalendarsSetup-6.3 error at login
  • padbury

    padbury - 2007-08-13

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    This issue is still current, I still have no access to my google calendar via outlook. The request for help is now two weeks old and it appears no-one has responded.

  • padbury

    padbury - 2007-08-26

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    Right times up, just under 1 month since I asked for help. Your software still doesn't work and your support has not even responded to my request. Have found an alternative software which works well. Basically your software and your support sucks. I will not be dealing with you again. For anyone who wants an excellent push / pull software to view your google calender in outlook and also on your pocket pc, go to the following link:



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