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ReMooD / News: Recent posts

ReMooD 0.8a "Chicken Noodle Soup" Released

Two months after 0.7c, a new version of ReMooD has been released. This version has preliminary Heretic support; new and improved sound code with the ability to play PC Speaker sounds; Removed the resolution cap of 1280x1024 (You can use really high resolutions now); and to see what other changes there were, please look at the changelog inside of the ReadMe.

Note: due to the new sound code the old Music code was removed however it was buggy and it will be redone for the later version: "French Onion Soup".

Posted by GhostlyDeath 2009-02-28

ReMooD 0.7c "Baker's Dozen" Release!

A new version version of ReMooD has been released.

Posted by GhostlyDeath 2009-01-01

0.7b "Pancakes!" Released

New version released.

Posted by GhostlyDeath 2008-07-29

0.7a "Banana Cream Pie" Released!

0.7a "Banana Cream Pie" Released!

Posted by GhostlyDeath 2008-03-22