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reml-ref 0.8 and REML 0.5 released

A schedule elements was added to REML and the application was updated to comply with the new version (although the app doesn't actually write schedule data). Color was added to the GUI.

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-05-06

reml-ref 0.7 and REML 0.4 released

A new version of the REML schema (0.4) has been released to include some new categories and units.

A new version of the REML compliant application reml-ref has been released. Plaintext recipes can now be imported, some bugs fixed, other nice additions.

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-29

Dohh, reml-ref exe property says v0.5, but it is v0.6

I forgot to change the assembly for v0.6, reml-ref.exe's version property says, but it is

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-22

reml-ref 0.6 released

Open & create REML files. Add/edit/delete menus, meals, and recipes. Print recipes. Copy/paste menus, meals, and recipes (within a file or between files). Search for a recipe within a file. Other useful items such as background color settings and default paths.

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-22

reml-ref 0.5 app and REML 0.3 schema released

reml-ref 0.5 app and REML 0.3 schema released

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-21

reml-ref 0.4 application released

Adds context menu for recipes, up/down buttons for recipes and fixes some printable view problems.

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-19

reml-ref 0.3 application released

Adds copy/paste and fixes a bug with long text lines.

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-18

See RFE for future plans

All kinds of stuff to be done, this is tracked in RFE.

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-16

REML and reml-ref 0.2 application released

The first releases of the Recipe Exchange Markup Language (v0.2, an XML schema) and reml-ref (v0.2, a Windows recipe management application) have been uploaded. REML promotes recipe exchange by providing an open, XML-based schema. reml-ref is an early implementation of an application that uses REML.

Posted by Gary Gocek 2005-03-16

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