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New Release - RegexKitLite 3.3

This is a bugfix release.

Posted by John Engelhart 2009-11-07

New Release - RegexKitLite 3.2

This is a bugfix release.

Posted by John Engelhart 2009-11-04

New Release - RegexKitLite 3.0

This release of RegexKitLite is a major release that includes new features, new APIs, and a number of bug fixes.

Posted by John Engelhart 2009-05-06

New Release - RegexKitLite 2.2

This release contains several large documentation additions and a few bug fixes, notably iPhone SDK build issues are resolved. No new major functionality was added.

Posted by John Engelhart 2008-10-19

New Release - RegexKitLite 2.1

Fixed a bug dealing with the UTF-16 conversion cache.

Posted by John Engelhart 2008-07-12

New Release - RegexKitLite 2.0

New features:

The ability to split a string in to a NSArray with a regular expression.

Search and replace using common $n capture substitution in the replacement string.

Support for Leopards Garbage Collection


A new compile time configuration option, RKL_FAST_MUTABLE_CHECK, enables the use of a private, non-public Core Foundation function to determine if the string that will be searched is immutable. This allows many of the mutation safety checks to be skipped for that string and can significantly improve the performance of repeated matches on the same immutable NSString. For safety, this option is disabled by default.... read more

Posted by John Engelhart 2008-07-07

New Release - RegexKitLite 1.2

Corrected and clarified the section in the documentation about adding RegexKitLite to an Xcode project. Also added Xcode 3 DocSet documentation format.

Posted by John Engelhart 2008-04-01

New Release - RegexKitLite 1.1

Version 1.1 released. Added information about searching mutable strings and clearing the internal cache. Also fixed a bug that could cause strings that require UTF-16 conversion to return incorrect results.

Posted by John Engelhart 2008-03-29

New Distribution - RegexKitLite 1.0

Introducing RegexKitLite - Lightweight Objective-C Regular Expressions for Mac OS X using the ICU Library. Version 1.0 released. Read more here

Posted by John Engelhart 2008-03-23

New Release - RegexKit 0.6.0 Beta

Version 0.6.0 Beta, released on 2008/01/29. Change highlights:

Upgraded to PCRE version 7.6, which includes an important security related bug fix.

Preliminary support for internationalization, though English remains the only provided localization.

Support for returning NSError objects for error conditions.

Support for multiple regular expressions in a collection (i.e., NSArray) to be evaluated concurrently on multiple threads, one per CPU.

Posted by John Engelhart 2008-01-29

New Release - RegexKit 0.5.0 Beta

Version 0.5.0 Beta, released on 2007/11/30. Change highlights:

RegexKit specific DTrace probes added.

Collection of RegexKit instruments for

New NSArray methods for returning a NSIndexSet for matches.

NSData class category additions.

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-12-01

New Release - RegexKit 0.4.0 Beta

Many improvements in the handling of Unicode strings.

The NSString additions and RKEnumerator class now calculate character indexes and NSRange values the same way the Foundation NSString class does for all string encodings.

Perl style \u, \l, \U, \L, and \E escape sequences for case conversions, and \digit for capture subpattern references in replacement reference strings.

See "Release Information - Release Notes for 0.4.0 Beta" for more information.

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-11-13

New Release - 0.3.1 Beta

This is largely to fix an issue between Safari 3 and mirrors. Safari 3 incorrectly identifies the .dmg as a .bz2 file if the correct mime type is not provided.

Also adds Xcode 3.0 DocSet subscription capability. You can now subscribe to the regexkit documentation and receive notifications when there's updates. If you choose to update, Xcode will download and install the update for you automatically.

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-10-31

New Release - 0.3.0 Beta

Version 0.3.0 Beta released. Support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard now included.

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-10-30

SVN Now Live

Performed the initial import of the project in to the SVN repository

For more info, visit

The repositories URL is

You can also browse the repository at

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-10-10

New Release - 0.2.0 Beta

Version 0.2.0 Beta released. PCRE upgraded to 7.4.

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-10-10

Mailing Lists Created

Two mailing lists have been created for users of the RegexKit framework.

regexkit-news - A low-volume, moderated list for project related news such as new version announcements.

regexkit-discussion - An open list for users of RegexKit.

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-10-04

Site Updated

The site was updated with a new format in preparation for the next release of RegexKit.

In addition to the new site format, both the wiki and forum systems provided by have been activated.

Posted by John Engelhart 2007-10-04