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Great piece of software! I am the service manager at an Apple Authorized Service Provider. We have anywhere from 30-50 bootable disk images with Apple Service Diagnostics. I have been keeping them on a single drive, but with so many partitions some models make it impossible to read which image I am about to boot from. This can be frustrating and time consuming. I have just started using your software as a boot option in place of Apple's boot menu.

I have a few questions on how to customize this software to fit my specific needs here.

1) Is it possible to reduce the size of the icons so I can see more of them on the screen at once? (most machines will show no icons, but the text of partition shows up at bottom)
2) Is it possible to make a external usb drive always boot a machine to rEFIt when the usb drive is connected to it?
3) Is it possible to boot a disk image stored on a server using rEFIt? (or do you know of someway to do that?)


Brian Emery

You can email me back at briane.mac@me.com


  • Joe van Tunen

    Joe van Tunen - 2012-01-25

    1) The width of each item in the menu is hard coded. To change it, you would need to modify the rEFIt source code, and recompile it on Windows. You would probably want to make it a configurable option in the rEFIt.conf file. Instead, You could enable the textonly option option in the refit.conf file to eliminate icons altogether.

    2) I don't think you can do this in rEFIt or Mac OS X. You would probably want to modify the rEFIt source code to add additional options to the default_selection option in the refit.conf file.

    3) I think you want to setup a netboot server. rEFIt doesn't have an option to boot from a netboot server. I don't think it would be too difficult to add an option for that though.

  • Brian

    Brian - 2012-01-26



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