#174 auto boot default unless key pressed


I don't want to advertise that i've got refeit/multipboot every time i reboot. I'd like to have refit go straight to booting the default unless some key is pressed, much like holding down 'opt' will enable Apple's boot selection screen.


  • Joe van Tunen

    Joe van Tunen - 2010-08-21

    I like this idea. The current list of startup keys is at:

    I think "R" for rEFIt is a good key to use. It could be made configurable by adding to the refit.conf file. The absence of a configured key option could mean that rEFIt is always displayed. Pressing the configured key will be like having the timeout option set to 0.

    Currently the default is defined as the first boot option. This might not be the boot option that contains rEFIt. The first boot option is affected by the legacyfirst option. This functionality can be overridden with the default_selection option. I think the default_selection option should be expanded to include an option that specifies the boot option containing the running rEFIt (perhaps using "R" = rEFIt disk for this).

  • Kevin Jiang

    Kevin Jiang - 2010-11-11

    I really think this feature should be implemented; Not only because clicking through the refeit menu would be annoying every time, but when I go to school and I'm letting some friends use my computer who aren't really tech-savy, something bad might happen if they go into the EFI shell and mess something up.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I would really appreciate this feature!


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