#223 rEFIt killed my Mac Mini 2010

jae lee

Mac Mini 2010 model. 2.4ghz C2D.

To uninstalled, I deleted the "efi" folder and restarted (I don't know if it's a correct way to uninstall). Then the computer just hangs in grey screen. No apple logo. No response to keyboard/mouse. I took it to Apple store - they offered me the logic board replacement for $390. Another place (Texserver in NY) asked $130 just for diagnosis.

I took out the hard drive, reinstalled Mac OS Lion on the top of the Lion, put it back in, started, the same.
So this time, took it out, clean-installed Mac OS Lion, put it back in, started, the same.
So for the last time, thinking maybe the drive is fried (though I tested it with my macbook and it was booting fine through USB), I changed the hard drive, started, and the same.

I wonder if rEFIt can actually kill hardware.

I'd appreciate any advice / comments.



  • jae lee

    jae lee - 2012-03-27

    Thanks joevt.

    I tried those before I took it to the apple store. Also the Genius tried what you suggested as well but to no avail. The Mac Mini spins the boot dvd disk but no response. I hear the starting chime, but there is nothing after that.

    They told me something about "re-flashing" the logic board, but they don't have the equipment to do that anymore. They reasoned that if deleting "efi" folder caused this problem (which I believe for 100%) then the firmware on the logic board is corrupted.

    Do you think rEFIt can really corrupt the logic board?

  • Martin

    Martin - 2013-06-26

    I face a very similar problem with my Mac Mini (early 2009). I wanted to install a Debian partition and followed the instructions from http://wiki.debian.org/MacMiniIntel.
    After the first restart the Mac hangs in grey screen with no response from keyboard etc. Exactly the same symptoms like jae lee describes above.
    I doubt a hard disk replacement will help, the EFI seems seriously corrupted after rEFIt install.
    Are there any news on this or similiar experiences or suggestions?


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