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  • rory

    rory - 2013-09-04

    i been trying and looking on the web for days now until i found this web site so if anyone that help me that would be great . now let me explain my issue

    im trying to edit the refind.conf file to hide everything but my custom background/banner , and my custom icons , but i cant get it to hide the text or show the background and the only way im able to change the icons is by replacing the originals , if anyone could me that would be awesome because im a noob at this

  • Roderick W. Smith


    hideui all
    icons_dir myicons
    banner mybanner.png

    Change myicons and mybanner.png to your own icons directory name and your own banner filename, respectively. Both of the latter are relative to rEFInd's own home directory. That is, if rEFInd is installed in EFI/refind and if you set icons_dir myicons, you'd put your icons in the EFI/refind/myicons directory.

  • GlammaGeek

    GlammaGeek - 2013-10-21

    Hello. This is my first time and I'm pretty much a noob with EFI, so please be gentle.

    My issue is similar to rory's. I've installed a test version of Maverick on my Macbook Pro, mid 2012 running Mountain Lion as the primary OS with Bootcamp also installed. Everything's booting fine. No problems there. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to have different icons for each Mac operating system. I've read the website several times over but am seriously confused with all five methods. I just can't figure out which method to use, and where the boot loader folder would be located for either Mountain Lion or Maverick.

    I've figured out a way to get a custom icon for OSX and how to change the background. But now both OSX installs have the same icon.

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but it's driving me crazy. Any help by way of a bit of guidance, would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • este.el.paz

      este.el.paz - 2013-10-21


      Don't make it difficult for your self. It should work out to be in the order that you have them installed. For instance, which ever OS you have installed in the "first" partition should show as the first icon . . . and so forth. If you name the disk(s) in DU and you know which one has which OS in it, if you restart and hold the option key down the disks will show up . . . in order as they show in DU . . . . I have Sno Lep loaded in the top partition, and Mtn Lion iin the second, trying to get rEFInd loaded to get Linux in the third. Sno Lep is the "default" system if I just hit restart w/o holding the option key it loads Sno Lep. Once you figure these things out for your self it won't be worth spending time to get another icon for it.


    • Roderick W. Smith

      Try creating a 128x128 icon, in ICNS or PNG format, and save it as /.VolumeIcon.icns or /.VolumeIcon.png on your OS X partition.


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