#79 apostrophe problems


When entering a word with an apostrophe (e.g. L'Orange)in the simple search, it replaces the apostrophe with \ and searches that instead.


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    I cannot reproduce this problem on my setup. If I enter a name containing an apostrophe into the simple search (or into the author search, fwiw), I get back the references that I expect. Could you please specify your setup (OS, web browser, PHP version, RefDB version) so we can try to reproduce the problem?

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    Hi Markus

    I'm running win xp pro, mozilla firefox 1.8.20071.12718, PHP Version 4.4.6, Version 0.9.9-1 built from svn revision 531

    RefDB changes authors names like O'Donnell to ODonnell1978 and when you search O'Donnell, it results in:

    AX:~'O\'Donnell' OR :TX:~'O\'Donnell' OR :KW:~'O\'Donnell' OR :UR:~'O\'Donnell' OR

    It will pull up ODonnell in the end but it would be nice to not have to drop the apostrophes.


  • apostrophe and umlaut test file

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    the change from O'Donnell to ODonnell1978 is intended. The latter is a citation key and therefore may appear as an attribute value in SGML or XML documents. RefDB strips off all characters which are not allowed in attribute values when building the citation key, hence no apostrophe.
    However, author names, titles, and keywords are supposed to retain apostrophes. This works for sure when using the command line clients, and it does work on the author's installation of the PHP web interface. If it does not work in your case, we're probably looking at an unsuspected platform problem, a version problem, or a mode of use which was not anticipated (aka wetware error). In order to debug this problem, I'd kindly ask you to perform the following test on your setup, using the test data that I've attached to this bug report (apostrophe.ris). The data also serve as a test for the umlaut problem (item #1844277)

    1. Add the RIS dataset through the "Upload from local file" tab of the PHP web interface.

    2. Now click on the citation key generated by the web interface to view the imported data. The citation key should read "ODONNELL2007", the first author name should read "O'Donnell, Dan" (it does on my system), and the second author name should read "Franz Bäuml".

    3. Next open the "Add references" tab and enter the same data manually. It should be fairly obvious where the data go. Please ask for assistance if not.

    4. After clicking the "Add" button, the web interface displays the collected data *before* they were sent to refdbd. Please mark these data and save them to a text file for later analysis.

    5. The same page also displays the generated citation key. It should read "ODONNELL2007a" (because uploading the file already created "ODONNELL2007"). Clicking that link should display the reference. Please check again whether or not the name arrived as "O'Donnell, Dan".

    When done with these tests, please paste the results in your comment or attach them as a file to your reply to this bug report.


    File Added: apostrophe.ris