Florian - 2010-04-08

Hi there,

My boss came over to me and asked me: "Can RefBase…" and I said "Yes of course!" before he actually phrased the question, me - enthusiastic fool ;-)
Anywho, he wanted to know if there's a way to update specific entries in RefBase with new information. Myself I'm a huge RSS fan,and as soon as an interesting article comes out I import it to RefBase and put it into a Group, just so I dont forget to read it. But usually once the article is in PubMed the metadata is completed and extended, and I'd like the entry in refbase to contain that additional info.

I've been thinking about this a little, and the easy way would be of course, to save the directory of the PDF file (given there is one attached), and delete the entry, and import a new entry attaching the same PDF to it. The problem for me is, that I have to add this new article to my group(s) as well (and so do all other users).

So, finally my question/suggestion: might it be possible to SQL or JavaScript something, that allows to open a entry in "edit mode" and replace all fields with the new info? I'm not totally sure about JavaScript, but I think it sould be possible to create a little "import" window with JS in which one can paste the metadata as , say, RIS file, and let the JS plugin readout and copy the metadata into the correct fields into the RefBase reference-form…

I'm sorry for my blathering, but I hope I got the point across.
Maybe this JavaScripting might be an idea to quickly implement new features into refbase without having to hack around in the sourcecode too much…

so long, have a nice and sunny day,