aude - 2011-06-23

Just another note for the devs and those that are interested:
I ran into various issues trying to use bibutils on an IIS7 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2:

* The Windows-binaries supplied by bibutils didn't run at all on the OS, a system error telling me that they don't like to be run on a x64 system. I therefore compiled them from source doing a cross-compile on Ubuntu with minGW-w64 (using the toolchain provided). Being new at this, it took some time to find out how to deal with the makefiles. Finally, I did a ./configure and then edited the makefiles by hand:
- Replace or add the following definitions in the master makefile for CC, AR and RANLIB with the prefix "x86_64-w64-mingw32-".
- Edit makefiles in the subdirectories (bin, lib, test), replacing eventual hardcoded references to use the definitions (I think it was only AR in the lib directory).
- Make, then you'll have the 64bit .exes

* I then still had empty files, however. This was due to the fact that at least in my configuration the shell execution did not work as it should. If you just patch the function execute in with:

exec($cmd . " > " . $outputFile);

it worked for me.

Hope this helps someone - please remember I am only a user and this workarounds are not neccessarily how you should do it.