refbase installation not showing multiple records in list view

Repu Daman
  • Repu Daman

    Repu Daman - 2014-05-01


    New in Linux Environment. Unable to view listing of records in list view. Needs to know whats the problem.

    Forwarding link to visualize the error

    Last edit: Repu Daman 2014-05-01
  • Richard Karnesky

    Please don't crosspost.

    Failing to load the references on the index.php page is likely because you don't have fopen enabled.

    Failing to load references on the search results page is caused by some other problem, though. We've never seen this. On your site, the page stops loading as soon as the first link is used. Please enable PHP logging and look at your logs to diagnose this.

  • Pierre Nault

    Pierre Nault - 2014-05-02

    I had similar problem when tweaking a new style. You can check permissions on /cite/styles, make sure everyone can execute /cite/styles -> rwxrwxr-x. In that same folder, make sure that name files cite_XXX.php matches entries in the database table "styles", especially column "style_spec". Otherwise, you should see something strange in the httpd logfile error_log.



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