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Jeff Fortin

PulseAudio is the sound server of the future and is the default in many distros, including Ubuntu and Fedora now. However, it seems to me like recordmydesktop is incompatible with it. I couldn't get it to record from my microphone through pulseaudio; I had to shut down the pulseaudio daemon and set gstreamer-properties to use alsa as the recording source. However, I'd like being able to 1) not disable pulseaudio 2) benefit from the great mixing of pulseaudio (sound from a virtualbox machine at the same time as I'm recording!). Thanks.


  • John Varouhakis

    John Varouhakis - 2008-12-02

    This belongs in Feature Requests not in Bugs.

    "PulseAudio is the sound server of the future"
    I am not so sure about that. It seems more like
    yet another sound system that apps will have to
    support eventually.

    "However, it seems to me like
    recordmydesktop is incompatible with it"

    Of course it is! recordMyDesktop uses ALSA or OSS
    and optionally Jack.

    PulseAudio claims to have a compatibility layer for ALSA,
    but it's not recordMyDesktop's fault if that layer doesn't
    work as expected.

    Anyway, given that currently, PulseAudio is quite popular,
    recordMyDesktop might end up supporting it, but I can't be
    more specific right now ( since I haven't really evaluated
    how much time it would take to add and maintain support for
    a fourth sound system ).

    Thanks for your interest in recordMyDesktop.


  • John Varouhakis

    John Varouhakis - 2008-12-02
    • labels: 1047606 --> recordMyDesktop (commandline)
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • John Varouhakis

    John Varouhakis - 2009-05-06
    • assigned_to: iovar --> nobody

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