installing RecordMyDesktop

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I´ve downloaded the tar file and unpacked it. I´ve done the ./configure without any problem. I´ve also done make without any problem. But I don´t see it in my program lists or anywhere. I did a execute as a command and it said that there is no such command.
    what else must I do? Thanks for helping

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2007-05-15

      Did you run make install, with root privileges?

      Also, if you are installing one of the interfaces, in order to be
      sure that the entry will appear in your menus, run configure like this:
      ~$ ./cofigure --prefix=/usr/

      If you are on kde you might need to also run:
      ~$ kbuildsycoca --incremental
      to update your menus (or just logout and login again)

      But since you are saying that the command doesn't exist , most
      likely you forgot to run make install. Go back to the directory you
      unpacked the source and run:
      ~$ su
      ~$ make install

      or if have sudo:

      ~$ sudo make install


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks John, it worked like magix. Pardon my ignorance, I am a linux newbie.

      One question though, If I want to record a particular window how do I get the window id?

      Thanks in advance

      • John Varouhakis

        John Varouhakis - 2007-05-16

        Nice to hear it works.

        Now on getting the window id, I'd suggest you use the interface
        (gtk-recordMyDesktop or qt-recordMyDesktop) as it has a
        "Select Window" button, which performs this action.

        To do the same thing on the commandline, use the xwininfo utility.
        Just run:
        ~$ xwininfo
        and then click on a window. Among other things, there will be
        a field named "Window id", near the top of the output,
        followed by a number like e.g. 0x4e0008f.
        This number can be used with the -windowid option.

        Running recordMyDesktop like this (all in one line, add
        any extra options you want before -windowid or at the end):

        ~$ recordmydesktop -windowid  $(xwininfo |grep "Window id:"|sed -e "s/xwininfo\:\ Window id:\ // ;s/\ .*//" )

        will start the recording immediately after you choose a window.
        You can also find this information in the manpage.

        Notice also that selecting a window by its id, is only a convenient way
        to select an area. If you move the window itself, the recording will
        continue on the previous area (there's no way in recordMyDesktop
        to track a moving window).

        Hope that helps,


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Thanks John, I have not tried gtk-recordmydesktop but I tried qt-recordmydesktop before and I had errors. I also realise that I can start the recording but do not see how to pause or stop recording.

          I read some thread about xwininfo but when I tried it, it is not recognised as a valid command. Do I need to install it?

          Maybe I try gtk-recodmydesktop as it as a way to select window with a click

          • John Varouhakis

            John Varouhakis - 2007-05-17

            >but I tried qt-recordmydesktop before and I had errors

            qt-recordMyDesktop is a bit edgy on requirements right now
            (pyQt 4.1, Qt 4.2) so it may not be an easy install on some
            distributions(e.g on my Debian(testing) I had to modify and install a
            PyQt package from experimental).
            And these requirements are not going to go down, as this is the minimum
            to get tray icon functionality with pyQt.

            But if gtk/qt-recordMyDesktop aren't up to your needs or
            give you too much trouble installing, you can also try
            This is a Kommander script that interfaces with recordMyDesktop
            and is probably the quickest way to get a gui (no compilation needed).

            Anyway, you can stop a commandline recording with ctrl-c.

            Pausing is actually visible only through the gui (right click in the tray icon while
            recording), but you can do it manually in the commandline, with this command:

            ~$ killall -s USR1 recordmydesktop
            (the same command for pausing/continuing).

            Xwininfo is part of the package xbase-clients in Debian, so I'm
            guessing that it should be something similar in your distribution.
            I didn't mention it previously, since 99% of the time it's already

            • Nobody/Anonymous

              Thanks again John, I downloaded 55760-reKordmydesktop-0.99.1.tar.gz from the site you gave and I managed to untar it. I got the kmdr file. But how do I execute it? I tried to execute it as a command in the terminal window as in ./reKordmydesktop-0.99.1.kmdr but it does not work.
              It gave the following error message
              [root@localhost Desktop]# ./reKordmydesktop-0.99.1.kmdr
              ./reKordmydesktop-0.99.1.kmdr: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `<'
              ./reKordmydesktop-0.99.1.kmdr: line 1: `<!DOCTYPE UI><UI version="3.0" stdsetdef="1">'

              What did I do wrongly?

            • Nobody/Anonymous

              Hell John, I´ve read the Readme file that came with reKordmydesktop. I realise that I need to install Kommander. I am doing it now.

              Thanks and sorry for troubling you.

            • Nobody/Anonymous

              Hello John, I´ve installed Kommander but I don´t seem to be able to run it or the kmdr file either. Can you please show me how to run reKordmydesktop.kmdr?

              Thanks again

              • John Varouhakis

                John Varouhakis - 2007-05-19

                The command should be
                ~$ kmdr-executor reKordmydesktop-0.99.1.kmdr

                But instead of this you should associate the kmdr
                file type, to be opened with the kmdr-executor command.

                Normally though, if you installed kommander from your
                distribution's repositories, I think this association should
                happen automatically.

                Did you try simply clicking on the kmdr file to see if
                it runs?

                • Nobody/Anonymous

                  Hello John, you are really the best guy I´ve come across. About your suggestion that I just click on the file. I did that initially after installing Kommander but it opended a window asking me what application to use to open it. So it looks like the association was not done. Anyway I tried putting ¨kmdr-executor¨ as the application to use and checked the box to associate this type of files and then hit the enter buttion. Wow, it works. Now when I click on the reKordmydesktop-0.99.1.kmdr link on my desktop the window pops up and I can record. I can record, I am so excited.

                  thank you very, very much


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