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Redesign is complete

Well, it took a long time from last time this project was updated. Lot of new things learned since then, lot of mistakes are realized and fixed.

Now, I present newer version of RS library, absolutely revised. Little code from last library version left, since that library design proved itself hopeless.

The new library have lot of benefits related to that last version. Automatic reference-counted resource management, MUCH simplified, exceptionally flexible and extensible API are only few of them.... read more

Posted by Track 2005-04-19

Major redesign. PLEASE READ THIS!

The engine that is currently posted in CVS and demos in the "download" section are outdated.

Please refer to the home page of the project to download latest sources/demos and to use new excellent documentation system to better understand what is going on here.

Once the redesign stage is finished, I will re-post new, much more expanded version of the project to CVS, and the work will continue as usual.... read more

Posted by Track 2003-12-14

Third engine demo released

Third demo of the engine is released.

This time, I stopped with physics and went to improve graphics. It seems that people get attracted by "nice" pictures more than by potential of the engine code.

Actually, engine was already capable of doing textured, lighted scenes with semi-transparent objects before, I was just focused on integrating physics into the engine, and din't have much time to work on graphics niceties.... read more

Posted by Track 2003-12-03

Second demo released

This is a second demo made with the engine. It matured relative to past release: instead of just collection of flying and interacting simple bodies, it now features complex body -- a 4-wheeled car model, interacting with the environment.

In the demo the car is given some initial speed, drives on flat ground and then, after hitting rigid obstacle - perform some pretty stunts maneuver in the air :o)... read more

Posted by Track 2003-11-28

First (simplistic) demo released

First demo application is released.
It is Win32 executable that require DirectX 8 or better to run.

It is very simplistic and do not look nice (no animating sky, shadows and other eye candy :o), but it shows the capability to run physically simulated world with different objects with accurate physical motion and collision detection.

Posted by Track 2003-11-20

Physics added

After long investigation, reading internet papers and personal research, I've found that writing really good and fast physics simulation library is very compilcated task, even to one that is very familiar with math (which I am not...).

So, I decided to use "third party" open source physics simulation code taken from other project (that's what make Open Source so fun :o).

After trying and studying various physics packages, and studying source code of some games that involve physics simulation, I stopped on excellent work made by Russell Smith, the ODE library.... read more

Posted by Track 2003-11-15

First strikes...

Well, the 3D-engine matures slowly:
- Engine is designed to have flexible class hierarchy that facilitates easy development, and possibilities to reuse most of the engine code for different target architectures (DirectX,OpenGL...), but still remain fast framerates and generic optimizations for 3D-accelerator hardware.
- Support materials (diffuse,specular, etc..).
- Support simple single-stage texturing (for now).
- Support dynamic lights (Point Light, SpotLight and Directional (sun) lights.
- Support hierarchical object model to support complex, dynamic scenes (just added :o)
- .3DS loader class is included to load .3DS scenes from files and add them as "objects" that can be placed into the world.... read more

Posted by Track 2003-08-21

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