#6 ldap search & window resize

Sami Kerola

When ldap search is asking password, or when results are already in screen, and I do xterm window resize the program crashes with SIGSEGV.

To verify that this truly is still a problem I took latest git version,


compiled it and saw same error as with Alpine 2.00 patchlevel VERSION=72 (archlinux repository version). Please see attached gdb_backtrace.txt for details. This bug is easy to reproduce, so far the problem has occurred with every attempt I have done.


  • Sami Kerola

    Sami Kerola - 2010-10-08


  • Sami Kerola

    Sami Kerola - 2010-10-10

    The bug seems to be caused by lack of initialization in optionally_enter. Patch init-optionally_enter.diff will make crash to go away, but it is far from optimal. If a window is resized while password prompt is visible the main window will not get redrawn. That indicates to me that returning from resize needs to be handled as well. More seriously while on ldap search a window is resized and an enter is pressed alternative editor will crash. That could be rare condition, but still a good reason not to use this patch as is.

  • Sami Kerola

    Sami Kerola - 2010-10-10

    a patch that will fix first issue, and breaks something else


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