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RDPMan Adds PCAnywhere Support

RDPMan, a universal connection manager, has now added PCAnywhere support to its list of connection options. With version 0.6, RDPMan has added PCAnywhere to RDP, VNC, and telnet as its host of connection options.

Posted by Jason Janofsky 2006-10-13

RDPMan Enters Beta

RDPMan has entered beta with version 0.4. Ushered in with a lot of new features including default connections, preferred connection types, and connection tracking.

Since version 0.3, RDPMan has become much more stable and feature rich. I consider the package to be fairly feature complete at this point and suggest that future additions be suggested via email or the feature requests page. I have grown quite attached to my little connection manager as my use of it has grown that I would love to add any new features that are thought up.... read more

Posted by Jason Janofsky 2006-10-12

RDPMan Releases First Version

RDPMan has released version 0.2, an Alpha release version connection manager. RDPMan allows users to drag & drop thier pre-existing RDP and VNC files into an easy to use interface. Once configuration information has been entered a connection can be made by VNC, RDP, and telnet.

RDPMan is meant to solve the problem of keeping your remote connections organized. While other software, such as Microsoft's Remote Desktops MMC, are meant to accomplish the same task, RDPMan allows RDP Connection options all the way through Windows Vista to be used and does it all through Microsoft's own RDP client.

Posted by Jason Janofsky 2006-10-02