bluey0 - 2013-05-18

This fix would help my problem. (rdesktop 1.7.1 MacOS 10.6.8)

Have been having trouble with the "stuck windows key" problem. For some reason, the "windows" keypress is interpreted as a toggle rather than a modifier. (Switching off all keyboard "easy access helpers" on the server didn't fix it.) So if I use "command-Q" to quit a fullscreen session, it is captured by the server as a windows key toggle. This is invisible until I use the virtual keyboard to see what is happening, but causes erratic behaviour as the various "windows" key options are apparently randomly activated while typing.

I simply want to stop passthrough of the "windows key". Documentation in rdesktop-source/keymaps/modifiers tells me this is hard coded - and I could fudge it in xkeymap.c. It would be easy to fix and probably more generally useful if this was simply a keymap modifier file line mapping a key to <null>.

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