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RAWT / News: Recent posts

new Release 0.31

The latest release (version 0.31) is ready.
There's some new tools and features:
- configure the colors of layout
- IOTA-Tool
- Worldclock
- better SESSION-Management
- bugfixing

Posted by Tobias Kaboth 2005-10-28

New release v0.3.0

The new version has just been released!

Posted by Harald Husemann 2004-03-15

New release

New version rawt.v121 released, with some new features and a working callsign-checker

Posted by Harald Husemann 2003-08-24

RAWT-Demo on the www!

Hi folks,

it's done: a demo-version of RAWT is now running on a public-access webserver!
Just point your browser to
and take a look at it!
Of course, it's just a demo - don't use it for REAL data!
RAWT is pre-alpha, the demo is just for playin' around, and not a real version in production state!
And, don't blame us if it's sometimes not available - the server is in a private network, made accessible with dyn-dns, and connected to the www with just one ADSL-line.
But, it should be enough to get an idea of the look-and-feel.
Also, we're working on a new release - be sure to check out the project's page to see how RAWT grows.
A word to everyone: If you think you've found a bug, just drop us a line - we're very interested in your suggests and comments!

Posted by Harald Husemann 2003-01-23

First demo-version released

The first demo-version of RAWT has been released.
It's new, it's unstable, it doesn't have many features - but it should give you an idea of what we're trying to do!

Posted by Harald Husemann 2003-01-11